How To Stay Sober: 9 Answers About Staying Sober And Why You Need A Sober Community -

How To Stay Sober: 9 Answers About Staying Sober And Why You Need A Sober Community

September 28, 202111:42 pm

That’s because addiction has a tight grasp around you – how you think and how you behave. The drugs you’ve been taking, or the drugs you used to take, have changed your brain in ways that make quitting extra hard.

reasons to stay sober

Because of drug-related physical and mental health problems, addicts can be rendered unable to work, relying on welfare to survive. Life is full of challenges – no matter where you were born or where you’re headed, there will always be highs and lows that add up to the person you are today.

Job, career goals, focus

If you’re someone who is in recovery or who has dabbled in recovery, you likely know that it’s not always an easy lifestyle. There are a number of challenges that come with deciding to no longer drink. Sometimes, you may even feel tempted to throw in the towel and pick up a drink rather than push through the difficulties.

reasons to stay sober

He is serious about his recovery along with helping others. At WhiteSands Treatment, we offer support to you in your homes or when you are out living in your daily lives. One of the easiest ways to fall back into old habits is to start frequenting old hangouts or groups of people with whom you used drugs or alcohol.

Are You Supporting Your Adult Child’s Drug Use? Signs They Need Help

For every addict in the world, there is a uniquely personal reason they began using their substance of choice. In fact, many people feel that it’s just beginning. Life after addiction allows you to feel more in control of your activities and your relationships. Family and friends are the easiest people to hurt when you are struggling with addiction. Those who stood by you and remain loyal to you, even when you were at your worst, are perhaps the most important people to keep in your life. If you need another reason to get sober, think about what you owe to them and about all of the hard work they did to help you to get to this point.

  • Some mindfulness practices include journaling and meditation.
  • Much like any other goal in life, long-term sobriety is more manageable in small parts.
  • Fifty-seven percent of alcoholics who enter treatment experience a relapse in their first year of recovery.
  • The Disease Model explains why it is so difficult to stay sober on a biological level.
  • Spending a significant amount of time obtaining the substance, using the substance, and recovering from its effects .

Northpoint Seattle’s outpatient treatment program is located in beautiful Seattle, Washington, and we work to help the surrounding communities. Codependencycan also develop in addicts’ families, causing different strains on romantic partners, children, parents, friends, and extended family. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, seventy percent of drug users are employed, and employees often sell drugs to one another. Knowledge of these realities can help you maintain vigilance when befriending coworkers or attending company social events.

Real Life Stories

From 2000 to 2014, overdose-related deaths have increased by 137% and opioid-related deaths have increased by 200%. In 2014, 47,055 people died of a drug overdose, which is one and a half times greater than the amount of people who died in car accidents. You can live healthier and feel more comfortable with yourself when sober. You are worth it to yourself, your family, your friends, and to any superior being you believe in. You are worth the hard work recovery takes. Overcoming your addiction won’t happen overnight.

Remember those really painful hangovers, the ones that made you feel like your head was splitting open? So does waking up after a night of doing ecstasy, when all you want to do is lie in bed, after all the dopamine has been sucked out of your body. If you stay clean and sober, you don’t have to come down at all.

Tough Times Don’t Have To Mean The End Of Being Sober

There may be strained relationships in your life due to actions on your part while you were addicted to drugs or alcohol. If possible, you may want to reach out via a letter, phone call or in person in order to apologize, ask for forgiveness and determine if there is a way to move forward. Repairing relationships can also help diminish feelings of stress reasons to stay sober and guilt. The Amethyst Recovery Center Editorial team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about addiction recovery. We hope to contribute to the recovery journey through personal stories, insights, and informational content pieces. What parting piece of guidance can you give listeners who are in recovery or thinking about quitting drinking?

What empty hole in your life does the addiction seem to fill? These are questions that are worked through during therapy and addiction counseling. For some, the quitting of the actual activity may be relatively simple, but sticking with the solution can be impossible. In order to stay mentally healthy long term, it is important to find the root cause of addiction and find something healthier that can replace it. Hard work and motivation will lead to a healthier mind that can better serve you.

Being happy with a sober life means replacing your unhealthy drug or alcohol addiction with meaningful, fulfilling activities. Recovery is about much more than living a drug or alcohol-free life. Addiction recovery is about learning how to live life on life’s terms.

You will end up either in jail or prison, in a psychiatric facility, or sober. Cayla Clark grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from UCLA with a degree in playwriting.

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