How to solve Whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 fix 2017 -

How to solve Whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 fix 2017

December 8, 202211:24 am

This method may cause CHKDSK to run without showing you the results. For more detailed and customized results, try running CHKDSK from the command prompt. Right-click the Windows logo on the taskbar and then choose the Disk Management option. Right-click the drive and then choose the Properties option. But if you are informed that Windows has found errors on this drive that need to be repaired…, you need to repair the found errors.

You might consider booting into bios and leave the device powered on in bios for a hour or two. If nothing works to solve the Whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 issue, try to reset your Windows. Though it’s better to identify the problematic hardware instead of deciding to reset Windows 10, but if you don’t mind to reset your Windows, you can try to do so. After all, the reset allows you to keep your files. Try to manually download and install drivers from your manufacturer’s website.

  • Your logs could be thousands of line items, so the ability to search makes debugging and root cause analysis much faster and more efficient.
  • Whenever I run it, it says “Access is denied” and does not clean Event Viewer logs.
  • If your PC keeps showing blue screens of death, or you’re experiencing system errors, you may want to learn how to run a System File Checker.
  • Here’s a drivers guide on how to keep your hard drive healthy.

Please select all specifications which apply to you to get more accurate results. Click on this if you tried all the other solutions, but none of them worked. I hope you found this post to be informative. If you found your solution, please let me know which method works for you. After finishing the reset process, your problem is no more.

Method 3. Run System File Checker & DISM.

Type the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter. Type the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and press Enter. Type the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth and press Enter.

Today, we will show you a few tips and tricks on how you can fix this kind of issue on Windows. After the steps, you can boot to your computer as usual. Then, check if you have solved the WHEA error. If the error still exists, you can restore the system with the repair disc. As I have mentioned in Step 6, you have many options.

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Thus, you can fix the error code 0x800704CF and protect your device from critical system threats. Type “cmd” in the Cortana search box and locate the Command Prompt app from the Start menu. Finally, restart the Windows 10 PC and verify whether the error 0x800704CF got resolved or not.

Avoid Overclocking

If you encounter You’ll need the Internet for this, Error 0x80070CFwhen opening Microsoft Store apps or launching on Windows 11/10, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will provide the most suitable solutions you can try to resolve this issue successfully. And an error code of 0x800704cf , but my device is connected to internet. When you log in with a local account, the error code 0x800704cf may occur.

It displays application and system log, including error messages, and warnings. Apart from this, Event Log Viewer is a beneficial tool to diagnose different types of Windows problems along with its description. We selected the duration as 24 hours, and level as Error, and filtered the logs. Event Viewer then listed the four Windows 11 error logs that were created during that time.

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