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Explain Like Im Five! Heres a question for you, how would

March 10, 202210:08 am

And it’s how I would explain that task to a friend. No, we’re not sparking a nationwide trend to act like we’re five. We don’t need full-grown adults talking aboutgrandmas and cheetahs. If a group of inattentive five-year-olds can handle Nietzsche’s outlook on existence, surely grown-ups can too. AT&T has the same idea with its recent spate of ads, in which an adult makes the onerous task of picking the right cell phone plan uber-simplistic for small children .

What does Waifu stand for?

Waifu is a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great, and sometimes romantic, affection for.

A great team faced with the same problem will produce a single page. People often aspire to explain the complexity they uncover. When the user does something , you might want to change what’s on the screen. Now FriendList doesn’t need special code to “fetch” data from the server. It can read data directly because it’s already on the server.

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It just means that at any moment, I may be in multiple calls, and I choose who to talk to. For example, based on which conversation is more urgent. While we won’t really explain it like you would with a 5-year-old, we will explain some of the terminology in a way that a non-technical person could find meaningful.. Anyone who has ever interacted with a child between 3 and 5 years old for an extensive period of time will have had the stream of “Why? Even though the motivation of the child isn’t always to get a fitting answer, it is often used to typify the relentless curiosity of children in general. Even if you will ultimately engage with experts on the particular topic at hand, never underestimate the power of brevity and simplicity. Using your words intentionally and sparingly will not only convey your message clearly, but demonstrate your own mastery of the topic and related issues.

If I type “h”, “e”, “l”, “l”, “o”, it’s because I mean to type “hello”. We avoid this terminology anywhere in the docs, but we used it between in the core team discussions and maybe some comments on GitHub. I think that’s where library maintainers may have picked it up. I wouldn’t expect application authors to know or care about this terminology — but if you see it, all it means is useEffect, nothing more. Sometimes when you say “effects” https://www.beaxy.com/market/btc/tc to usd here. Previously, React used to re-render immediately in this case. This means you’d get three screen updates for three setState calls.

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This post is part of the series Explain Like I’m Five (#eli5), which aims to make tech concepts and terms easy to understand. We need solar panels because it’s important to be able to make electricity without hurting the earth. People call energy made this way “clean energy” because it doesn’t make the planet dirty when it’s used. Right now each article is becoming its own podcast. I essentially read the article then add on to it at key points. I also plan to bring on guests within the crypto hedge fund, crypto venture fund, and DeFi space. Decentralized Finance is the term for all types of financial services that operate on top of blockchains. Many believe that by the end of this decade all of global finance will operate on blockchains, enabling instant global settlement and the use of smart contracts. Bitcoin helps people save in a way that their money can’t be inflated away or taken away. The current money system is set up by governments of nation-states who consistently increase the supply of their currencies.

What’s it really like to have monkeypox? Patients and experts explain. – Yahoo Life

What’s it really like to have monkeypox? Patients and experts explain..

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But maybe you’re rendering an already submitted comment in two places. If you make an edit to one of them, and save it, it would be reasonable to expect that both of them need to reflect your edit. So the information about a list of comments needs to live somewhere outside your component — maybe, in their shared parent or in some kind of a cache. Some of this information never changes during a user session. For example, your website layout, the icons on your buttons, and the order of sections on the page. Fast Refresh is a new iteration on hot reloading. Hot reloading was intended to have similar benefits, but it didn’t work well with functional components and hooks.

Why Do We Need Solar Panels?

Rather than Reddit trying to launch a lot of original programming, Reddit is using the series to push users to create their own videos. As an undergraduate, I took a job as a Teaching Fellow. I graded homework assignments, held office hours, and taught a small weekly section. I am convinced I learned more from this process than my students. I was covering material I had ostensibly learned. But explaining to others forced me to understand better. And the most effective explanations were the simple ones.
explain it like i'm five
Alternatively, you can go to the salad bar and pick up a salad that’s pre-made. It’s all ready for you, all you have to do is eat it. You get render ready HTML delivered directly from the server. Send the non-interactive, server-side rendered HTML and CSS to the browser. That way, your users have something to look at while they wait for the JS for your page to load. Note that concurrency doesn’t necessarily mean I talk to two people at once.

It can help answer questions that would otherwise be nearly impossible to uncover. Distributed traces play an important role in the three phases of observability. Learn more about Chronosphere and the three phases of observability here. Reddit dubs itself as “the front page of the Internet” and is often responsible for memes that spread throughout the web. The “Explain Like I’m Five” videos were funded by YouTube.
explain it like i'm five
You use debouncing or throttling when the user is doing something too fast (e.g. typing), and updating the screen in response to each individual event is just too slow. So you either wait for the user to stop typing or you update the screen once in a while, like once a second . I also took a pass at explaining code splitting. But you need to bring 150 pounds worth of stuff. So you split it up into three bags so each of them can be flown at the same time, but still be under the limit. A Promise is an object that represents something that will be available in the future. You can think of a Promise as similar to a timer you might get in some fast food joints. When the timer rings, you pick up your order. This means that each event is separately intended by the user. If I click twice, it’s because I mean to click twice.

YouTube appears to be taking the opposite approach with Reddit, creating multimedia content out of what’s already popular. The Palmetto App puts solar energy savings in the palm of your hand. Track system performance by day, week, or month. With an intuitive user dashboard and one-click customer support, it’s easy to track your goals and boost your results. How Solar Panels Can Help You Save On Your Electric Bill How solar panels can help you save on your electric bill, whether you use a solar loan or pay for solar power in cash. Solar panels are a good way to make clean energy because the sun sends a lot of sunshine to the planet every single day, even when it’s cloudy. In fact, trillions and trillions of photons leave the sun every second! The more solar panels we use, the less we need dirty energy that we have to dig out of the ground. We believe globally-neutral decentralized currencies that can’t be inflated will be used more than nation-state currencies by 2035. The entire world of global finance is currently being rebuilt using smart contracts.

Computer programmers use a similar technique to understand and debug their code; it’s called Rubber duck debugging. The hybrid of animation and live-action narration is part of a broader experiment in creating original YouTube videos out of Reddit’s most popular content. That YouTube is sponsoring (i.e. paying for) the videos is likely related to its previous $100 million foray into original premium content. In the past, YouTube selected top-notch creative talent, such as The Office‘s Rainn Wilson.

Whatever simple explanations lack in nuance, they make up for in power. They become the basis for future knowledge. Complexity becomes a feature of something more fundamental rather than the subject itself. You can pass some components “from above” as children to the component whose state is updated. Then React knows those components from “above” don’t care about this state update, and don’t need to change. In React, this can happen when you update the state of a component that contains many other components. They might not be affected by update, but React still needs to ask each one of them whether they want to display something different. So it’s a “waste” if they don’t end up changing in response. Let’s say the design agency client now wants to change something. “Let’s tweak the colors.” So the top-down process starts again.

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